Numeric Window

The Numeric Window is docked to the bottom of the screen in the default configuration. You can open and close it from the View pull-down menu or using the F8 hotkey.

The numeric window is context sensitive. When using various tools of Realsoft 3D, the window makes you available the controls required for performing the operation by exact numeric input instead of mouse clicks. If the numeric window is open, hitting the 'n' (=numeric) key activates the window and moves the input focus to the field which represents the current interaction step. One can then just type the values and hit Enter to proceed to the next input step or to finish the tool. The Tab key moves the focus to the next field without entering a value.

The decimal accuracy and measuring units can be chosen from the File/Preferences pull down menu.

The following controls are always available on the numeric window:

Numeric window during a rotate operation

Position: The position of the 3D projected mouse pointer in absolute space coordinates. You can always enter a coordinate triplet to this field instead of LMB clicking the mouse. Note that the coordinates are usually projected to the input plane, unless the tool allows free 3D values (for example the NURBS curve tool does this).

Relative: The relative 3D position. When no interaction has been started, the relative position is measured from the grid origin. The grid origin acts therefore as a handy secondary measuring origin, which can be moved easily to a suitable place. When a tool interaction is already going on, the relative coordinates are measured from the previous entered point.

Polar: If set, relative coordinates are measured as angle coordinates (heading, pitching, distance). For example, when drawing a poly line, you can define a 20 mm long, 35 degrees descending line segment using this feature.

Other context sensitive numeric controls are described in the tool documentation.