Geometric Objects

The Hierarchy Tree: Displays the tree like structure of the geometric objects. Geometric objects are usually grouped using level objects to obtain a sensible and manageable object hierarchy. A suitable part of the total structure can be activated here, and parts can be moved in hierarchy using drag and drop. See the Mouse Operation documentation below for details.

Filter: With the filter string, you can limit the set of objects displayed on the hierarchy tree using object names and the wildcard character '*'. For example, if you want to only see objects directly below the root level and whose name starts with the letters 'sp' (spheres, for example), set the filter string to '/root/sp*'. The filtering ability helps in searching objects from a complex model.

Mouse Operations

Dragging one or several selected objects with the left mouse button moves the objects in the hierarchy tree. Arrow icons indicate the new location already before releasing the mouse button. The following variations are available:

Left mouse button dragging without hitting an object at the drag start point performs object selection.

Left mouse button clicking activates objects. Clicking an empty area deselects all objects.

Double clicking activates some additional tools:

The contents of the select window can be scrolled by dragging with the middle mouse button, or by the right mouse button dragging Ctrl key held down.


Most hotkey events at the select window are forwarded to the active view window. For example, hitting the '0' key renders the active view. Only the 'tab' key has a special use: it sets the current level to the selected level. If the selected object is not a level object, nothing happens. The current level defines the hierarchical destination for created, loaded or pasted objects.

The Popup Menu

The popup menu of the object geometry tab is context sensitive. New menu items appear depending on object selection. For example, 'Rename' menu is not available if all objects are deselected. Another example: 'Open' menu appears only when one or more level objects are selected.

As usual, plugin products may insert additional items to the popup menu of the select window.

  • Balanced Tree Displays the hierarchy as a horizontally organized tree.

  • Rename Activates a rename box for the selected object.

  • Properties.. Opens the object property window.

Balanced hierarchy mode
Drag and Drop

Dragging an object from the geometry tab of the select window to a view window performs an auto focus operation: the view is panned, rotated and zoomed so that the object fills most of the view window. The camera object is an exception: the view window fetches the camera view of the dropped object.

See also: Reference Manual/Models/Geometric Objects.