Macros store user defined action sequences. Recording several frequently needed steps into a macro often improves working efficiency. Macros are shared between projects: if you load a project which includes a macro section, all opened projects use the new macro set.

The Controls of the Macro Tab

  • Record Turns macro recording on/off.

  • Pause Turns macro recording temporarily off. You can then perform operations that do not record into the macro and continue recording again later.

  • Repetitions Defines how many times the current macro is executed when the Apply button is pressed.

  • Apply Executes the recorded macro ('Repetitions' times).

  • Filters Filter options define what kind of actions get recorded into macro. For example, if 'View Canvas' option is disabled, activating the OpenGL fog option does not record into the macro.

  • Name You can rename the recorded macro with this gadget. If you want to store a recorded macro with your working environment, you have to rename it.