The second tab of the select window contains the current material library. Materials are objects which control object shading. The Current material Library means the set of materials loaded into the computer memory for use in the project under construction.

The program installation contains a set of predefined materials stored into the 'materials' folder and its sub folders. Part of these materials are loaded with the default startup file. When building a project, the user needs only a certain subset of materials, which are also often customized for the project needs. The current material library is a suitable place to store such project specific materials. When the users saves the project, the current material library is saved as a part of the project data, and the original material templates remain intact in the 'materials' folder.

A typical material usage workflow goes as:

The Popup Menu
Drag and Drop

Dragging a material from the select window to a view window auto maps the material to the selected geometric objects. The recommended mapping type is used for each selected object, as specified in the material properties. If no objects are selected, a mapping is inserted to the current geometry level. If a level object is selected, the first sub object is used for mapping recommendation calculations.

See also: Reference Manual/Models/Material Objects.