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The select windows shows all project and working environment related objects that has been loaded from the hard disk into the computer's memory. You can 'select' or 'activate' items from this window in order to modify them or perform other available operations on them.

The select window can be hidden and made visible with the F2 hotkey, and from the 'View/SelectWindow' pull down menu.

The top area of the select window contains a list of opened projects. The list can be hidden and made visible using the Projects... check box. The current project can be changed by opening the project list and clicking an item. Usually there is at least two projects included: the current working project and a material preview project. The 'File/New' pull down menu adds a new empty project into the list and 'File/Close' closes the selected project (note: material preview cannot be closed). Closing the last working project automatically creates a new empty one. It should be noted that 'File/Load' loads into the current project instead of adding a new project.

A project can be renamed using the Name field below the project list. Renaming a project will change the suggested file name when the project is saved next time.